10,000 RUSSOS - The Loft, Portsmouth Psych

It’s somewhat of a rare event but the full EY! crew escaped Swanage recently and went to add a psychedelic light show to the great line up put together by Portsmouth Psych at a new venue for us, The Loft.

Melt Dunes started the evening and produced a refreshing set with some good dual guitar work as well as keyboards to add variety and atmosphere. There’s something a little bit different about them; some subtle touches, changes of tempo and willingness to experiment which is great to see. Expect to see lots more of them.

They were followed by Baba Naga (below) who epitomise the heavy duty side of psych rock; big meaty riffs, soaring and intricate lead guitar parts, rumbling bass and crashing drums. They build songs up slowly, cranking up the tension before letting loose in apocalyptic style. Another band I’d happily go to see again.

 10000 Russos have been causing a buzz for quite a while now and earlier this year released their second Fuzz Club album, ‘distress distress’. Their set at The Loft comprised every track from the album minus the title track and added one from the first full length release and another from a single release (see film clip, above).

They are a unique sounding band; rolling layers of otherworldly post punk drone with loads of depth and texture. At first listen they can seem cold and distant but there is a real earthy, organic feel to their hypnotic and driving sound.


Jagged shards of guitar, warped and altered through a vast array of effects, scratch and saw away at the pleasure zones in the head; the drums - steady solid and repetitive, are also subjected to various forms of abuse and the bass weaves sinuously throughout the whole vibrating pulse of sound – sometimes melancholy, sometimes punky and aggressive.  The vocals, by drummer Joao are largely part-submerged beneath this stark and at times ear shredding assault.

These guys don’t mess about, hammering through their dark and uncompromising set with increasing intensity and leaving to wails of fuzzy distortion and feedback…

The sound of a stark urban alien dreamscape, music to let the mind wander to, music of exploration…make sure you catch them , they’re in a place all of their own….

Gary Powell

Writes, films and shines lights for EY!