Other people who do stuff we dig! 

Acid Box
Brighton based, DIY independent live music promotion company with a love for distortion, reverberation and raucous live shows.
Bristol Psych Fest
Does what it says on the tin. Promotes Psyche in Bristol
Catch My Drift
Rhythm & Blues, 60s Soul, Ska and Dancefloor Delights to move your feet and feed your soul. Based in Bristol but also runs nights in Weymouth.
Dirty Water Club
Club and record company named after the classic Standells hit.
Fuzz Club
A record label and store that focus on raw experimental rock n roll.
Hippsville -A-G-G0
Returning in May 2020!. Featuring the best inernational bands, all-star DJs, caged Go Go girls! uncaged wild gorillas! 
Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia
Annual festival that celebrates artists operating at the cutting edge of today's global psychedelic renaissance, alongside visual art, film, performance and mind expanding visual delights.
Permanent Vacation
Put on shows with the best emerging bands in venues across London.
Isle of Wight based designers. They did our fantastic club posters and also run the great multi- mood machine that is Eyeplug
Portsmouth Psych
Promoters of great psych gigs in Portsmouth & Southsea
Replayed Records
EY DJ Nick runs  an on line shop.
Retro Man Blog
The ramblings of a man who really should have grown out of listening to "that sort of music" a long, long time ago...A place to share thoughts and photographs on music and related paraphernalia.
Stay Sick
Brighton Cramps-obsessed Vinyl Addicts that were sent to Earth to put on the best Garage Punk bands from Hell !!!
Velvet Candy
Groovy evenings of musical rubble for all you psychedelic dollybirds, bearded jazz men, hipsters popsters and tripsters. 
Cool club night, top djs, great bands, late bar!