Gary's albums of the year....

1: L.A.Witch (Suicide Squeeze)

Sassy, punchy, revved up and dripping with rock n roll atmosphere and dark vintage thrills. Read our full review here

2: Grace - Sonic Jesus (Fuzz Club):

Huge soaring and overblown. Took a while to hit me but when it did.....A post punk, 80's feel, massive choruses, vocals like Scott Walker from hell; triumphant and impossibly catchy.

3:Sorrow Tomorrow - Has A Shadow (Fuzz Club):

Dark, broody and not afraid to let the goth influence show. From slow and menacing to full on thrashy with crisp bass, a good dose of keyboards, an indefinable surfy feel somewhere in the mix and a bit of a swagger!

Ellie English, L.A.Witch. Lights by Enjoy Yourself!

4: JuJu - Our Mother Was  A Plant (Fuzz Club):

Earthy, tribal, ecstatic, funky and uplifting; pushing the our full review here

5: New Candys - Bleeding Magenta (Fuzz Club):

A huge thumping rock n roll sound, heavy on the reverb, monumental drumming; belongs on the big stage. Third in a series of great LPs. Great live as well and they look as cool as fuck!

New Candys at Sticky Mikes Frog Bar, Brighton.

Sonic Jesus at the Waiting Room, London

Well, sort of - I'm not a huge fan of putting things in order...other than the top two, which i've played relentlessly there have been a mass of excellent releases which get played a lot. A great year for music, lots of bands new to me knocking out top quality stuff and lots more to look forward to in 2018.

JuJu live at Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

Depending on the day and the mood other records that make the list are the heavy grunge of 'Soma' by Yo No Se (Stolen Body Records ), the bluesy fuzz of 'Gush' by Kill West ( also Stolen Body) and 'The First Stirrings of Hideous Insect Life' by Iguana Death Cult (Amphibian Records), as well as yet more Fuzz Club releases, the recent Helicon LP which is a bit of a masterpiece, 'Negatives' by Spirit Valley - another one that happily embraces the post punk feel and 'Distress Distress' by the totally unique drone heads 10000 Russos. And 'Songs For The Broken Ones' by The Eden House (Jungle) for some ethereal, beautifully sung and played epic gothic rock. I'll stop there...!

2018....Much to anticipate in the year ahead; top of the list for me would be the Is Bliss debut album which I am 100% sure will be a classic, Black Doldrums newly recorded, soon to be released album which i'm convinced will be a killer, as well as Dead Coast, who are recording the follow up to the fantastic 'Shambolic' right now. And that's just the ones I know about...surely there's a Saint Agnes LP coming our way??

Gary Powell

Writes, photographs and abuses his ears for EY!