Welcome to Enjoy Yourself!

Meet The Team

Three people who somehow unbeknown to them have ended up living in Swanage, Dorset.


Likes cluttering his house with vinyl. Moved to Swanage because on the day he visited, Chas 'n' Dave were playing so he thought the theatre must be good! Loves Iggy Pop, MC5, Ramones & pop art. Has 3 kids whose middle names are Elvis, Joey Ramone & Ringo.


Arrived for a 6 month sabbatical in Swanage in 2010 and has not escaped yet! Now runs the local record shop, Replayed Records with his wife Dawn. The old geezer of the EY trio! 

Vinyl, Italy, MotoGP, BTCC & West Ham United. 


A dub & reggae obsessed punk rocker with a dark history in the goth underworld and European horror films...now hacking through the psychedelic jungle. Leads a secret voodoo cult in the Dorset countryside , likes motorcycle racing and can be persuaded to drink beer...