Iguana Death Cult: 'The First Stirrings Of Hideous Insect Life' (IDC) LP & gig review

A name like Iguana Death Cult was always going to grab my attention, but when the band then release an album with its title lifted from my favourite book (Naked Lunch) by my favourite author (William Burroughs) they just had to be tracked down, which they duly were – to the Wave Maiden for another Portsmouth Psych special. The venue is highly recommended if you like your surroundings dark, quirky and full of retro trappings. Good beer helps as well!

Live Iguana Death Cult are a blast of fresh air; full of enthusiasm and guaranteed to put a smile on your face as they thrash through an energetic set delivered at frenetic pace with a double guitar attack that threatened to peel the kitsch floral wallpaper from the walls!

The album reflects the live set fairly closely; for the main part thumpingly insane garage rock with a healthy dose of surf guitar madness laced throughout. These frantic wig-outs have frequent interjections of high pitched crooning and regular bursts of animal howl primal screaming!

Overall both the live show and the album are great fun, reassuringly twisted and highly recommended. If you’re going to join a cult, join this one!

I will leave the last words to William Burroughs, also taken from ‘Naked Lunch’; he was talking about cocaine but it could equally apply to Iguana Death Cult:

“It hits you right in the brain, activating connections of pure pleasure.”


Gary Powell

Writes, films, shines lights and opens Cans of Worms for EY!

It’s an infectious and joyous noise that I confess has me grinning from ear to ear – but it’s not all 100mph surf thrash; ‘The Dreamer’ a retro sounding psychedelic summery pop gem with a stupidly catchy hook should be the soundtrack to the next summer of love. It would be a monstrously big hit if there was any justice in the world of music.. ‘Freaks’ is another quirky one - weird deranged pop with psychedelic flourishes.