Welcome to EYTV

This is the page to come to to view stuff we have filmed, events we have staged or just videos we like. To start things off, take a look at a few shows we have put on in London & Swanage.

Mother Earth 

Filmed at Wolfie's Jukebox @ The Castle in Tooting where Dave ran the events. A clip from 2002 for those of you who think we are bandwagon jumping now that having visuals is trendy!

Filming & visuals by Dave Taylor & Pip!Pip!

The Flying Medallions - Gluey

EY! DJ Dave's first club night Swank at the Powerhouse in Islington.

He also did some of the filming for the video below

L.A. Witch - Baby In Blue Jeans

Filmed by EY! on the bands UK Tour, September 2017.

Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band -  Gig Intro, Ride Your Pony & Uptight

Show co-promoted by Dave as Rock-A-Hula Club at the RBL in Swanage.

The Damned - I Feel Alright

Final night of The Powerhouse, Islington @ club night Swank co-run by Dave.

Harry Hill & The Caterers - In The Mood

Filmed at the Bethnal Green Working mens Club as part of a club tour booked by Dave.

Enjoy the finale of a show by the one & only Harry Hill